EZ-ID is a Powerful Tool for Law Enforcement

The Internet gets us on the information super highway.
EZ-ID gets us SUPER INFORMATION on the highway.

Kimberly Roy, Office of Sheriff Lew Evangelidis

70% of all crimes committed involve the use of a private motor vehicle.

Though EZ-ID was initially invented to combat child abduction, it is a far more powerful tool for law enforcement, as 70% of all crime involves the usage of a motor vehicle When law enforcement arrives at a crime scene, it is far less

EZ-ID would be especially useful in identifying child abductors and ensuring that the child is found sooner and safely.

Every second is critical in the recovery of a child. Statistics show that if an abduction leads to the death of a child:

More than 20% of the children reported to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children are found dead. Most abductions occur within a quarter mile from the victim’s home. EZ-ID increases the chances of a perpetrator being identified and captured through their vehicle’s license plate, and the child being recovered safely.

I saw the white car…but could not remember the license plate. We need to pass EZ-ID.

Magi Bish, Mother of Molly Bish Who was Abducted and Murdered at Age 16.

We had license plate issues. Please start EZ-ID in Massachusetts and let it sweep across the country.

Ed & Lois Smart, Parents of Elizabeth Smart