Bish family, senator push for easier to remember license plates Bill would add symbols to Mass. vehicle plates

Molly Bish Bill Before Legislative Committee

License plates that could improve safety stalled on Beacon Hill

Bish foundation urges passage of “Molly’s Bill”(WWLP, 7/18/12)

CT Valley Views a program interview regarding EZ-ID and Molly’s Bill:(CT Valley Views, 7/10/12)
Abbreviated version (7:37 min)
Complete version (34:50 min)

Bill to make license plates easier to ID and report crimes builds support (Channel 5 News, 6/5/12).

State Senator Bruce Tarr’s Interview about the EZ-ID License Plate Legislation (Video – 5/30/2012)

Missing Kids Remembered at the State House, Molly Bish (5/30/2012)

Missing Kids Remembered, Molly’s Bill makes license plates easier to identify (WWLP, 5/30/12)

Maine truck driver spots McCrery’s Toyota (WCHS, Portland, 5/19/12)

Molly’s Bill is gaining momentum! (CBS Affiliate 3, late May 2012)

Molly Bish bill would add symbols to license plates in Mass (NECN, 2/8/12)

New Hope for Molly’s Bill in 2012 (CBS 3 Springfield, 2/6/12)

“Salem Now” with Leo Jodoin (Salem Now, 6/14/12)

  • EZ-ID: Critical For Rescuing Abducted Children
  • EZ-ID: Life-Saving and Cost-Saving
  • EZ-ID: Recognize, Remember, Report
  • EZ-ID: A Nationwide Public Safety Initiative