If you are a member of the press and would like additional information on Senate Bill S1798 and the EZ-ID program, please contact Gary Richard at gary@ez-id.org.

Including symbols in license plates improves recall

Article first appeared on October 12, 2015 in: Including symbols in license plates improves recall Including symbols in license plates improves recall October 12, 2015 NEW ORLEANS – Substituting a symbol for a number in a six­character license plate was found to significantly improve short­term recollection as compared to conventional alphanumeric­only designs, according to a …

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August '12 Stories:

July '12 Stories:

June '12 Stories:

  • Hello all, EZ-ID has been voted favorably out of Committee after 8 years and on to Ways and Means, thank you for your help!!!
Channel 5 News plans to air a segment tonight (Wed, June 6) at 11:00 on EZ-ID/Molly's Bill. They intend to air it again tomorrow on the 5:00 and 6:00 news. They taped this on May 15th, but they wanted to time it either around legislation activity, or for the June 27th anniversary of Molly's abduction. Now that the Bill has been voted out favorably, they want to air it right away. June 27th is our new target, with your help we can do it! THANK YOU ALL!!! Gary Richard

April / May 2012 Stories:

  • Dear supporter of EZ-ID/Molly's Bill,
On May 29th, one day prior to the Missing Children's Day event, the Joint Transportation Committee will be meeting. This scheduled hearing provides an ideal opportunity to move Molly's Bill out of Committee and one step closer to implementation. We have met on numerous occasions with members of the Committee and other legislators to answer any remaining questions or concerns. The support is overwhelming. I respectfully request you to contact the Chairmen of the Committee to request Molly's Bill (S-1798), be reported/voted out at the May 29th meeting and allow Missing Children's Day 2012, to be both a day of remembering and celebration. What a tribute and legacy to those individuals and families who have suffered the unthinkable tragedy of losing a child. Chairman William Straus 617 722-2400 William.Straus@mahouse.gov Chairman Thomas McGee 617 722-1350 Thomas.McGee@masenate.gov Thank you!
  • Thanks to Lynn Kellermann of Channel 5 for covering the story of Molly's Bill, EZ-ID! We had a very good hearing in Rhode Island, which we expect to lead to collaboration with Massachusetts. We will be meeting with more legislators this week...leading up to Missing Children's Day.
  • Very productive EZ-ID meeting on May 9th...with Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo. Shown...Lou Covino, Jay Gardiner, Speaker DeLeo, Magi Bish, and Gary Richard
  • State of Connecticut, the Office of the Victim Advocate support letter (5/9/12)
  • Protect Mass Children letter of support (5/5/12)
  • ***REMINDER*** May 30th, Missing Children's Day 11:00, Statehouse Grand Staircase. The event is expected to be packed with advocates, law enforcement, supporters...and with tremendous media coverage. Please help to make MCD a day day of celebration with the passage of EZ-ID, Molly's Bill S1798. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way 978-852-7776, Thank you, Gary Richard.
  • Connecticut continues to move EZ-ID forward in Legislature, from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Dr. William Petit, who lost wife and two daughters in home invasion andWRAP Women's Dinner 300 attendees Honoring Magi Bish. EZ-ID enthusiastically supported. (See Supporters for photos!)
  • Connecticut Office of the Victim Advocate, Director Michelle Cruz and Asst Director Merit Lajoie
  • Worcester City Council Resolution in Support of EZ-ID (April 24, 2012).
  • Monday, April 2, Connecticut voted EZ-ID forward favorably out of Committee, and is being sent to the House.
  • Speaker DeLeo's Office requested, on Behalf of the Speaker, to meet with us on May 10th.
  • On Monday, April 2, we met with former Washington NTSB Director, Peter Goelz. Peter is going to actively support and promote EZ-ID in other states, and on the Federal level. (See the Supporters page for photo).
  • Boston City Council, passed a resolution supporting EZ-ID. (See March 2012 Stories).

March 2012 Stories:

Boston City Council Resolution Endorsing EZ-ID - posted March 31, 20Update12 (PDF file). Springfield City Council Resolution. It passed the Council on February 13th and was signed by the Mayor on February 21st.Update Letter of Endorsement from Michael P. Hirsh, M.D., UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center, Surgeon-in-Chief Call to redesign vehicle plates cites benefit in abduction cases (PDF), The Boston Globe (PDF file), March 8, 2012

February 2012 Stories:

Chief Anthony Pesare, President of Rhode Island Police Chief's Association endorses EZ-ID, February 24, 2012 District Attorney's Association Endorses EZ-ID Sheriff Lew Evangelidis Endorses EZ-ID

January 2012 Stories:

1/10/2012: The 800 member New England Association of Chiefs of Police unanimously endorses EZ-ID! See copy of the New England Association of Chiefs of Police endorsement letter here.

2011 Stories:

11/28/2011: Letter of support for EZ-ID from the Massachusetts Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge sent to Senator McGee & Rep Straus. 11/22/2011: Support letter to the Transportation Committee from Steven A. Mazzie, President of the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs. See also the Mass Chief A. Wayne Sampson Executive Director's letter to the Committee on Transportation in support of EZ-ID. In Unity There Is Strength October 27, 2011 (www.masschiefs.org).   11/11/11 - What a GREAT day! The full Board of the Mass Police Chiefs voted unanamously to get behind EZ-ID! Board of Mass Chiefs President Mark Leahy surrounded by Gary Richard (left) and Jay Gardiner, Former Director of the Molly Bish Center. Endorsement letter from the Pioneer Institute! (PDF) Molly's Bill proposes new car plates
Watch news clip from the Foxnews Boston affiliate station here. URGENT ACTION IS REQUIRED!!! PLEASE ACT NOW ... News update - "Molly's Bill" to be heard on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by the Massachusetts Transportation Committee. Click on the News Tab for additional information. October 14, 2011 - "Molly's Bill" S1798, also known as "EZ-ID" to be heard on Wednesday, October 19th. Read the letter we sent to the members of the Massachusetts Transportation Committee here (Adobe PDF). See the referenced graphics page here (Adobe PDF). August, 2011 - left to right, Jay Gardiner, the Former Director of the Molly Bish Center at Anna Maria College, Senator Brewer and Gary Richard. EZ-ID presented Senator Brewer with a thank you plate for his help on behalf of EZ-ID. Thank you all for your support! August, 2011 - MSPCC is now supporting EZ-ID! (Gary Richard with Marylou Sudders, President and CEO of MSPCC). 7/20/2011 - EZ-ID gets the seal of approval of Lostnmissing, Inc! http://www.lostnmissing.com/ "When a loved one becomes missing, families are extremely distraught. Working along with their law enforcement we will guide families to what needs done to help locate their missing family member. This includes media, marketing, designing missing posters and banners, and assisting the family with needed events as well as contracting for search and rescue, if advised by their local police agency. We are always available to the family and work with professionalism and compassion." June 28, 2011 - Memories of Molly - 25-YEAR TIME CAPSULE FOR MOLLY BISH - in this article Gary Richard, "promoting an "EZ-ID" license plate law, asked those at the vigil to contact their legislators and demand action on legislation that has languished in the Transportation Committee for the past seven years." 6/14/2011 - "Salem Now" with Leo Jodoin. A great interview about EZ-ID with Gary Richard, Bruce Tarr and Linda Usher. Thanks again Leo for getting the word out about EZ-ID. It will save lives if it passes but we need people to get involved. 5/25/2011 - TV Appearance – Gary Richard will be interviewed live on "Salem Now" cable TV show with Leo Jodoin 7:00 p.m., June 14th. Guests will include Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, Representative John Keenan, Former Gloucester Chief of Police Mike McLeod, and parent Linda Usher whose son and friends escaped an attempted abduction. Viewers can call into the station during the program on (978) 740-5599. 3/22/2010 - Showcase Salem TV Program with Peter Alachi (substitute host Gary Richard.) Gary discusses EZ-ID in this great interview with Senator Bruce Tarr, 7th District Representative John Keenan, and Linda Usher.