We only have until Feb 1st for your legislators to add their names to the EZ-ID/Molly’s Bill legislation, currently Senate Docket #1673 (until the Bill number is assigned). Their names of support on the Bill, makes a huge difference!

With your help last year, EZ-ID/ Molly’s Bill almost became a reality.  The Bill would create the task force to “analyze the feasibility” of EZ-ID, which would answer the questions that the legislation would also face in the other states, therefore it is the first major step towards enacting the Program.  Last year the Bill was passed in the House and Senate and was delayed because of some misinformation and later amendments to the Bill.

ASAP…Please contact your State Senator and State Representative, and ask them to co-sponsor Senate Docket #1673. Here is a link to find their names and contact information:


You can cut and paste the message below.

Thank you all, because of you…EZ-ID will become a reality!



Dear (Senator——–) (Representative———),

As your constituent, I am asking for your co-sponsorship on important public safety legislation, Senate Docket #1673, Molly’s Bill/EZ-ID (formerly 2012 Bill S2387, engrossed in House and Senate), which is only to form a committee to “analyze the feasibility” of EZ-ID. Please contact Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr’s office (617) 722-1600, or sign on through the state’s new electronic Bill endorsement system, we only have until February 1st to do so.

Thank you,

(Your name)

(If you want, you can also add the names below)

With sincerest appreciation,

The Molly Bish Family

Gary Richard President, EZ-ID (978) 852-7776

Jay Gardiner VP, EZ-ID (508) 277-2562

Lou Covino, Louis W. Covino Associates (617) 905-5975

Ned Merrick, Ret. Chief of Police (508) 277-9110

And from the following endorsers:

Massachusetts District Attorneys Association (MDAA)

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police (MCOPA)

Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police (MMCC)

Massachusetts Fraternal Order of Police

Massachusetts Police Association, Inc.

New England Chiefs of Police (NECOP)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Sheriff(s)

Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association

AAA Southern NE

Boston City Council

Worcester City Council

Springfield City Council

Pioneer Institute

Molly Bish Foundation



UMass Memorial


Protect Children

Enough Abuse

Stop Child Predators

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


Arbella Insurance


Forensic Archaeology Recovery

AMC Criminal Justice studies

State of Connecticut, Office of the Victim Advocate

and more…