By Magi Bish
Published 8:17 PM EDT Jul 31, 2013

To the man who took Molly Bish:

Does June 27th 2000 mean anything to you?

I remember it as a warm summer day.
We left home.
We picked up the police radio.
Then we arrived at the pond,
the sand truck was there.
We watched; mesmerized, like little children
as the sand fell gently to the ground.
Molly and mom for the last time…
Molly said, “Goodbye, I love you” and ran off
for her 8th day on her new job as a Lifeguard.
That was the last time I saw or heard from my Molly.
I have held those words, wrapped around my heart
to sustain it from breaking into a million broken pieces.

You were hiding in the woods, a thief waiting to steal my precious Molly!
How could you take another’s child? Why?

You took Molly from her mom, dad, sister, brother, family and friends.
I did not know evil existed till that day.
Our world changed forever that day.

Molly was a joyful child who loved life.
She was just 16, full of wonder and excitement.
You stole her future too.
What made you choose evil rather than love?
What was your life like when you were 16?
Perhaps you did not get the love you needed?
Maybe you were abused or neglected?
Why? Why? Why? The mental monsters scream in my head.
I ask myself this every day, but only you can answer those questions.
Why would you hurt an innocent child, my Molly?
There is no way for me to understand, but I cannot live with hate in my heart.
We have walked in the valley of hell.
You have created a fear that haunted my family, but it must stop!
It has been 13 years, almost her whole lifetime, we have lived with this horror.
There is not a day, I don’t think of her and what you did.
She is in my prayers each morning and every night.
And in my haunting dreams…

The day Molly went missing a light went out.
She was a simple girl who loved life.
She loved all those who came into her life with all her heart.
She loved to be silly and make you laugh.
But her laughter stopped the day you took her from us.

Molly liked to impersonate Forest Gump, like Forest she found the good in every one.
I want you to find the good within you.
We have suffered 13 years and it has taken all of our strength.

We made a promise to Molly:
You know we will never stop looking for you! That is the power of love!

Love is stronger than evil. We will not give you any more power over us.
It is our turn we will hunt for you, we will be a shadow you can’t see….
Molly deserves justice,
I would like to be angry at you, but I feel a great sadness,
that you would need to create such pain for others.
Molly is safe in God’s arms but you will have to answer to Him.
You need to seek forgiveness, for your sins have multiplied.
I believe evil begets evil, I want to have compassion for you.
But I struggle with the enormity of my pain.

Do you know we have DNA results coming?
Are you tired of running and hiding?
Looking over your shoulder, who can you trust not to tell your secret?
You have always known the truth…
Now is the time to be accountable for what you did to Molly.

That June morning you took a lot from us, but you could not take Molly’s love and her legacy.
Because of Molly we teach children how to be safe from predators like you.
We have provided over 200,000 child ID kits.
Because of Molly,we helped pass the Amber Alert.
Soon there will be Molly’ Bill, the EZ -ID license plate program to help identify license plates which might have led us to your vehicle.

Molly did not die. You cannot kill love.
My aching heart will be forever connected
to my youngest child
by the umbilical cord of love.
I will pray with my last breath
you come forward.
It is time to give her justice.

Today, I am hoping you will read this message.
This is your opportunity to do what is right.
Give us all Peace.


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